Why choose React Native?

Code reusability

Thanks to React Native, developers don’t need to create separate codes for different platforms. Moreover, they can reuse existing code components without rewriting the entire app if required. Having such an option, they can implement the "write once, run anywhere" approach to boost development efficiency and streamline maintenance efforts.

That indistinguishable native feel

React Native gives the application user a native-like experience thanks to the components compatible with the existing software code. Using the "bridge" solution, React Native allows for communication between JavaScript and native elements and provides access to native views, code, and app-specific features.

Cross-platform app development

This is one of the most significant benefits of using React Native. You no longer have to hire multiple developers to work on different versions of your application. Instead, using a shared codebase allows for smooth and consistent cross-platform development while ensuring brand consistency and easy bug detection.

Hot and Live Reloading

Two core React Native functionalities increase the efficiency of the experts’ work. Thanks to the "Hot Reload" and "Live Reload" features, developers can refresh either the whole application or a specific area of change while the app keeps running. It allows them to check the introduced modifications and tweak the UI in real time without rebuilding the application.

Speed and cost efficiency

Thanks to a single codebase and unique functionalities, React Native brings lightning-fast development results. Less time spent on coding means fewer resources used in the process and a shorter project delivery time. All that, without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Large community support

React Native users enjoy extensive community support. Access to libraries, tutorials, and a dedicated chat makes it easier for developers to get expert help whenever needed. Moreover, the React Native supporters are constantly developing and updating the platform to enhance its performance.

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Develtio process
Develtio process

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…and they lived happily ever after


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