Working at Develtio: Remarkable Values

At the heart of any career at Develtio, regardless of the position, lie a few basic core values that may sound trivial nowadays, but are not. Read about our approach to work culture and career development.

What to Expect

At Develtio, we create an open and supportive environment that puts our employees and the company’s growth first. We are passionate and driven and we treat our work seriously. We take the “no bullshit” approach – in our company, we don’t use annoying newspeak and we regard each other for what we truly are – a group of creative adults sharing the same passion and focus on growth.

It’s not a typical workplace. We do not invent weird loyalty programs, we do not have “Free Fruit Fridays” or massage therapists and yoga classes available on-site. If we want to have a beer together, we simply go… and enjoy each other’s company, because we’re a very friendly bunch of enthusiasts.

We’re no-nonsense, but it doesn’t mean we don’t like to have fun. It just means that instead of offering you bells and whistles, we reflect our seriousness in our salaries. We’re all adult enough to figure out how we want to bond and hang out.

Benefits of Working in Develtio
This is what you gain when you work for Develtio:

Competitive salary

Fast professional development

Job training and mentorship

Partnership approach

Flexible work environment — remote or in-office

Medical and sports packages

Positive, productive atmosphere

Autonomy and freedom from micro-managing

Ability to create your own products

Values That Guide Us

People talk about “values” but sometimes act as if they were trivial. They aren’t to us.


Everything starts with trust. When you join our team, you can count on our word, and we assume that we can trust you too. Trust is the fundamental value upon which our relationships with clients, employees, colleagues and partners are based. At Develtio, we remember that trust is built over the years.

Personal and Professional Development

Everything in nature develops or dies. Develtio is a place that’s friendly to people but unfriendly to stagnation. We all move forward together. If you’re in the same place after six months, it’s because either you or we have given up. It means we will need to deal with it.


As mentioned above, we believe that the people who work with us know themselves, their goals and what they need to grow. We can help guide you along the path you have set, but we aren’t holding your hand and painting the picture for you.


We invest in mature people who can independently manage their work, development paths and the projects they work on. We support our employees’ ideas and try to help develop their concepts, but we know you’re not kids — and we won’t treat you as if you were.


We are a company — an organization focused on profit and development. Everything we do has to be effective and increase the value of our company. Our values not only characterize the kind of people we are and what drives us but are also the reason why we are effective. Effectiveness is a product of our values.


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Our Recruitment Process

The recruitment process takes from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the post.
We try to make it fast and give a sense of some cool discovery for all of us, not just the candidates.
This is the recruitment process at Develtio.

Step 1

Your Application

The process starts with you sending us your CV. It would be great if we could find a description of your skills that fit the profile of the position we are recruiting for. The second thing is your achievements — apart from your previous employers and positions, you can tell us what projects you worked on and what your specific responsibilities were.

Step 2

Our Conversation

The world is not perfect, and sometimes someone over- or underestimates their competencies. We also need to ensure there is a good fit. That is why the second stage of the recruitment process involves at least one interview with a person who is an expert in the post you’re interested in. You will also be given a task to perform that will clearly demonstrate whether your skill profile is a good match for the position. We also tell you about our company, what we stand for, what we want to achieve as a team, and why we do it.

Step 3

We Listen and Explore Your Needs

Well-executed recruitment process will help us judge whether you are a good fit for us and whether we are a good fit for you. We explore your needs and listen to your expectations. We want to work with people who will be happy to support our activities. You spend a good part of your life at work, so there’s no point in wasting your time on something that doesn’t give satisfaction to both parties.

Current recruitment projects on the Polish market:

Junior Software Tester

Zdenerwowałeś już parę razy developera? Chcesz rozwijać się jako tester? Zapraszamy do naszego zespołu i przypilnuj jakości naszych produktów!

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