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Chatbots by Develtio are comprehensive solutions. We advise our clients on how they can automate their consumer conversations and improve the quality and speed of customer service.

Natural Language Processing – Artificial Intelligence

With Natural Language Processing technology (NLP), we can understand the issues and inquiries your consumers may report and provide them with relevant assistance or the correct answers. NLP solutions by Develtio are based on the latest studies on language processing and ensure very high levels of validity and effectiveness. Our chatbots can also be trained to understand company-specific problems. A bot training and NLP modeling for our clients are tailored to individual needs, the client’s knowledge base, and the consumers’ most frequently asked questions and concerns.

The NLP technology enables our chatbots to perform different tasks, from customer service, through the recommendation of particular elements of the offer to even actual sale.

  • Our solutions have been implemented for different corporate departments, depending on the particular needs of a brand or organization:

Marketing and Communication Department

Sales Department

Customer Care and Customer Service Department

HR Department

Some of the functions
performed by our chatbots:

  • Providing newsletters and the latest news
  • Information about products and services
  • Parcel tracking (eCommerce)
  • Sales support
  • Notifications
  • Content subscriptions
  • Contests on Messenger
  • Data collection (interactive forms)
  • Shop assistance
  • Booking (flights, taxi, table, tickets etc.)
  • Food orders
  • Opinions and complaints collection
  • Lead collection
  • Cross-sell & Upsell in B2B and B2C
  • Geolocation
  • Abandoned carts’ conversion in eCommerce
  • Marketing automation
  • FAQ
  • Complaints management
  • Recommendation engine


At Develtio, we’re developing our own chatbot-building software that is used by enterprise-scale companies like banks and telecoms. We also do projects using existing open-source frameworks like RASA. We’re integrated with the most popular chatbot platforms like Facebook, and Slack, live chats on websites, and SMS-sending API.


  • Django
  • TensorFlow
  • RASA

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