We're change agents that use software development
to help people unlock their company’s potential.

Develtio was founded in 2017,
although our story begins
much earlier with Green Parrot.

Green Parrot was an advertising agency focused on combining the latest marketing and technological solutions in its projects.

We were the first in Poland to make iPad games, the first applications using Facebook’s social API (which didn’t even have solid documentation at the time), and created the first chatbots to use NLP.

In time, the software part of our company began to operate more
independently of the agency part and started acquiring clients.
That’s when we decided to create Develtio.

The values guiding us in our work with clients include:


Everything starts with trust. This is the fundamental value on which our relationships with clients, employees, co-workers, and partners are based. At Develtio, we remember that trust takes many years to build but can be lost in one day. That’s why we communicate transparently and honestly. We also always present the client with
a full set of facts about the project we are working on.


Everything in nature grows or dies. Develtio is a place friendly to people, but not friendly to stagnation. The work we do for our clients has to provide them with measurable value, contributing to the development of their companies and unleashing their full potential. We keep in mind that our client is a human being, and our task is to take care of their personal development and the development of their company.


We are an organization focused on growth and profit. We believe in generating the same for our clients. Everything we do is to be effective and increase the value of our customers. When we do this, we enhance our value, too. The values we hold are a characterization of what kind of people we are and what we are driven by, and why we are effective. Effectiveness is a result of our values — they work hand in hand.

Our Projects

We are a perfect partner for all organizations looking for growth-oriented software solutions, thanks to our
agency background. We can support marketing, sales, and research and development departments with ease.

We prove ourselves wherever companies look for well-written code and pro-client thinking. We are active
consultants for our clients, helping them to implement solutions that build company value.

Websites and landing pages focused on lead generation
Online stores and full eCommerce solutions
Mobile applications dedicated to the clients of a given company, loyalty systems
Systems streamlining work inside the organization (e.g., document flow)
Solutions using natural language processing (NLP)

Who Works at Develtio?

Our company is a combination of many specialists. This makes it possible to address all the needs of our clients.
Our 50-person team includes various people who will be active at different stages of the project:


Project Consultants

The first group of people our clients meet is the Project Consultants. They are in charge of specifying the project, selecting the right team, and kicking off the project.

Project Manager

Next, the client begins working with the Project Manager. They will coordinate project deliverables or elements of the digital solution creation.

Design Team

Project managers coordinate the work of the team of developers and UX and UI designers. Develtio has an in-house design and UI/UX team. During the development stage, we focus on web applications and websites. Our teams consist of full-stack experts and dedicated front-end and back-end developers. All work includes quality assurance and a support team that provides service level agreement (SLA) services.

SEO Specialists

We are supervised by an SEO Specialist and a marketing consultant. Most of our solutions aim at consumers, and our marketing roots allow us to take care of many aspects that most software companies ignore. While they struggle to provide a return on given software investment, we excel in this area.

Front-end Developer

Front-end developers are responsible for the design and functionality of a website or mobile application. Every button, widget, or form is created from scratch and coded by Develtio front-ends. Their work maximizes the user experience and effective performance.

Back-end Developer

Develtio developers care about creating, maintaining, testing, and debugging the entire back end - everything that is not visible on the website, but has a huge impact on its functionality, responsiveness and SEO optimisation. This includes the core application logic, databases, data and application integration, API and other back end processes.


After the back-end and front-end developers finish their tasks, the Develtio testers start their work. They look for any bugs, errors, defects or any problem that the end-user may come across. Their report about any issues or improvements that the product may require helps us to provide you with the best-quality software, websites or mobile app


DevOps engineers combine the expertise and results of software development and IT operations teams to improve the automation and integration of the finished digital product with your company's IT infrastructure.

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