Well designed

So you have a ready-made product or an idea for a new one. We'll help you turn your vision into a well-performing app or website. But to do that, we should ensure that our assumptions about the product's design and…

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Within the project team, the roles are clearly defined. You get a designer working on UX, developers responsible for the front and back-end, and then there is also a project manager. All of them are like perfectly fitting pieces of…

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You may already know that wireframing is a crucial step in the creative process – it's when the basic blueprint of the final product is created. Once we're past this stage and the product skeleton is approved by the client…

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If you've been working in the online space for a while, you've probably heard of (and participated in) the "wireframing" stage of the development process. If, however, this is your "first rodeo" and you've never been involved in a digital

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Always evolution, often revolution - the only certain thing in web development is change. New technologies appear, some established ones gain unexpected momentum, and other solutions suddenly become outdated. It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing industry, but luckily,

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Positive user experience is key to the success of your product or service. Consider this - according to the research conducted by PwC, 32% of customers will turn away from the brand after having just one bad experience with it.

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How to check which version of your site is the most effective? How to reduce the high rejection and shopping cart abandonment rate in e-commerce? A/B tests are the answer. Learn about what they are and how you can use

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In today’s digital age, it’s not enough that you have a solid, reliable business that delivers. It’s not even sufficient to simply have an online presence either. What your company needs for optimal functioning, is a responsive, immersive, visually appealing

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User experience and UX design are concepts that no online store developer should ever neglect. The experience of e-commerce customers when browsing products and deciding whether or not to purchase them has a huge impact on the conversion, and consequently

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This year’s web design trends will make you take another look at color, typography, page speed, and even mouse pointers. There’s something new for everyone this year, so let’s get started. 1. Bold Colors When it comes to web design

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