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Digital technologies are changing industries, the market, how businesses operate, and how customers behave. In a world where people increasingly use the app for almost everything and convenience is pivotal, users’ relationships with products are defined by the tools that…

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For manufacturing companies worldwide, putting up with the tempo dictated by digital transformation is no longer an option - it’s a must. Operational issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, constant problems with the global supply chain, and an increasingly competitive…

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The last decade’s introduction of Docker is considered one of the most significant breakthroughs in the world of software development. The possibility to package your app and its dependencies into convenient containers made developers’ lives so much easier. It’s not…

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Have you been looking for the best way to create cutting-edge web applications? Are you fantasizing about the robust framework that makes this job easy and ensures the developed apps' flexibility, scalability, and maintainability? Well, your quest ends here. This

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Building an attractive and well-functioning website is a chance for your business to get that much-needed boost, retain existing clients and attract new ones. There are several ways to build a website powered by WordPress - a scalable, customizable, market-leading

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Our job is to make the audience happy. To create products that maximize the user experience and cover all our clients' business needs. Front-end developers play a crucial role in achieving this goal. They take the design and implement it

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Have you already researched potential companies to commission a project to? If yes, then you probably heard them talk about the “repository” (or “repo”). Indeed, if you start a conversation with Develtio or become our client, you will frequently hear

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No software development project will be successful without a streamlined and comprehensive environment set up from the onset. Only with the right tools at hand can developers make the most of their skills and experience. At Develtio, we know that

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There are plenty of platforms, content management systems, and website builders that millions of people are happy to use. At a certain point, though, you may feel that you face some limitations when using a particular solution. When your business

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Choosing the right technology stack can be a decisive factor affecting your web development project’s success. For starters, some fundamental questions must be asked about the client’s specific needs, characteristics of the target industry, security requirements, potential scalability, etc. Even

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In our recent article about WordPress security, we’ve discussed the most common threats and popular steps to counteract them. The safety of our products was always of paramount importance to us, and we intend to keep it this way. Now,

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Content Management Systems are powerful and can become even more so if they go headless. What is it? Is it an option that you should look into? With the growing number of digital channels available and customer expectations always on

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