Augmented Reality (AR) solutions are making waves in the business world. With 83.1 million people in the US using AR in 2020, the global market is estimated to reach $50 billion in 2024 (approximately a 216 million user base). Still,…

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In an ongoing discussion about Web3 shaping the future of the Internet, the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) takes an increasingly prominent position. The idea of blockchain-bound, transparent, and fully democratized organizations focused on growth and shared values draws…

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There are plenty of websites available online, and this abundance makes the potential user more picky. Attractive visuals and engaging content are not enough anymore to keep visitors interested. What counts is that the site is accessible and available to…

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Just a few years ago, when occasionally I had to let my team know that “I’m working from home today”, I felt unimaginably remorseful. How come “from home”? What will others think - that I enjoy some sort of special

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If we were to compare the level of NFT development to human development, I would say that the technology is currently at the kindergarten stage, and the first projects like Crytpo Kitties were in their infancy. Thus, it is to

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