Effective Projects

With WordPress still powering over 64% of all CMS-based websites globally, it’s not surprising that the demand for capable WP developers remains as high as ever. On the other hand, the platform’s popularity is an excellent incentive for people who

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In our recent article about WordPress security, we’ve discussed the most common threats and popular steps to counteract them. The safety of our products was always of paramount importance to us, and we intend to keep it this way. Now,

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What does it take to create a product from A to Z? See how the product design process goes in the Develtio software house. Market and competition analysis This is the first step in the product design process. When mapping

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Introduction Bringing Your Project to life is often referred to as a journey. How about taking those words literally by looking at software development as a logistical challenge. We have a starting point and an end goal, now we have

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When outsourcing an IT company to create a project, it is worth determining how it will be billed already at the beginning of cooperation. Even if you have a specific budget for its implementation, the method of billing for the

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You have a dream. It dazzled you and the solution to your everyday problems was born in your head. This situation has always made you nervous. Now you have an idea and thanks to a simple application you can change

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What is market and competition analysis? What to look for in the analysis? What methods and available tools can you use? There may be many more questions regarding competition analysis. In this short article, I will try to answer some

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I have an idea!   What is the first step in implementing an idea?   What should I do to get started?   I don't have a big budget and I want to test my idea.   Where to find

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