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7 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial intelligence is mingling with business in various sectors. IT departments, marketing, sales, logistics, customer service, accounting, administration and many other areas benefit from AI, but only if they can implement and adapt it to their needs. Artificial intelligence is like clay – it needs to be molded and fired properly to create something functional.


Mariusz Tarnaski, CTO of Develtio, talks about 7 ways to use artificial intelligence in business.

How to implement AI solutions the way it affects the whole company, or a selected department, and it becomes an integral part of the company’s procedures, rather than an individual choice of employees?

But let’s start at the beginning, because this question will probably come up very soon….

Is it Expensive to Implement Artificial Intelligence in Business?

We use AI to pay for itself, to make it beneficial. Nowadays AI appears as an innovation, and so, in general, it should be costly, but actually it isn’t quite the case. Although the matter of the cost is multifaceted.

First, if we talk about design costs, we must mention the cost of programmers. Lately we have seen an explosion of solutions that make it easier for developers to work with AI, and this even drastically affects the budgets needed.

Second, when we want to implement AI-driven solutions in the companies, in most cases we will be working with the same technologies as before. The strength of these solutions is that they are integrated with current software. What is left is the integration itself.

When it comes to project costs in integrating AI into business, they are not at all much higher than in those projects that have already been implemented so far. AI is not only a project cost but also a maintenance cost, and if you decide to implement some AI model on your own then you need powerful machines. You can buy the hardware or you can rent it like any other server.

Can AI Use Company’s Internal Data?

We shouldn’t have any doubts here. The most sophisticated solutions rely on own models, which can be built on internal information.
How to do it?

1. Customer Service Chatbot

There is a proven method to make GPT answer questions about the company through knowledge gathered internally. You may have extensive product documentation and want to provide salespeople with an easy tool to help them to be more efficient, faster and more precise and accurate in answering customer questions.

The most common way to use a company’s internal data is to create a chatbot. This solution has been available for a long time, but modern bots are “smarter” because we can talk to them freely.

Develtio created a company chatbot based on internal company data already some time ago. The chatbot was trained on the data we collected on the company’s website. You can:

  • ask questions about the company,
  • compare data,
  • find sample questions, if we don’t have the energy to come up with our own,
  • change the tone of speech, for example, to an official one, or like Yoda from Star Wars or in Esperanto,
  • upload our own file for evaluation.

What’s important. messages that are exchanged in the internal chat are not visible to other users. An user has the option to copy the link to the conversation and forward it, but the conversation is not public.

2. A System that Personalizes the Entire Website

Are you collecting user information? For example, how do they navigate the site, what tabs do they look at, which ones do they return to, how long do they stay on the site, do you ask for other data in the form? The AI model based on this data can predict preferences, display personalized banners advertising products, enable a specific sort order for categories, etc.

3. A System that Automatically Creates Descriptions

If you have 3 products for selling, each description is prepared with the utmost care. But what when you offer 1,000 and more products?

In this case you should consider using artificial intelligence. You have a wide range of possibilities and systems for generating descriptions are known very well. But there’s more.

We can transfer all the data we have already collected the language model and ask it to complete it, for example, to add information about other parameters of the product, to download a photo from the Internet, or to add an instruction manual.

In each case, we the text can be edited in a particular tone of speech. Finally, we can saturate the description with keywords, which will improve search engine positioning.

4. Automatic Analysis of Job Candidates

Nowadays we can easily extract text from any documents: emails, databases, pdfs, and other files. When it comes to the recruitment, the data from a resume or cover letter can be used to:

  • ask questions of interest,
  • make a database of the most important information,
  • sort files,
  • search for employees for specific positions,
  • communicate with a candidate via email to complete the required data.

These things can “happen on their own.”

5. Automatic Content Translation in Real Time

We have been translating in various ways for a long time, and there are many APIs available to support this process. On the other hand, LIVE translation has always been a challenge, but AI can nowadays help with that. The bot is able to:

  • translate webinars, conferences and live meetings,
  • record and generate text version of live meet ups,
  • analyze and search for key information,
  • make summaries and task lists,
  • index recordings and transcriptions.

6. Voice Support for Information Systems

Wisper is an example of how audio-to-text conversion capabilities have recently developed. This type of software can serve us for LIVE transcription. It will come in especially handy in situation when employees or customers need to use some system while on the move for instance while driving a car.

7. Automatic Update of Company Systems with Data

Aren’t you tired of filling up system after system with all sorts of data, like bills, vacation requests and invoices? We all waste time through repetitive tasks that artificial intelligence can perform for us. We can use AI to take care of the proper circulation of documents.

What can we do for you?

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    Arkadiusz Zdziebko
    Head of Sales, Develtio