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Front-end development – How we do it

Front-end development – How we do it - Develtio

Our job is to make the audience happy. To create products that maximize the user experience and cover all our clients’ business needs. Front-end developers play a crucial role in achieving this goal. They take the design and implement it through the code so that you and future website or application users can see and interact with relevant information. Read on to learn more about the front-end building phase in the project development cycle.

What do front-end developers do?

When you ask the company to create a site or an app for you, there is a lot of jargon used during the conversations. You will, undoubtedly, hear about front-end and back-end frequently. And while you may already have an idea of the difference between the two terms, let’s quickly recap. Back-end developers focus on the product side that users don’t see; they deal with storing and managing data and mastering the technologies responsible for database interactions. The front-end is about creating the structure and style of the product and ensuring that its visual side performs well. But the job itself goes far beyond making an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Why is a quality front-end essential to the project’s success?

Of course, the visuals on the website should be attractive and eye-catching. But they also must guide users through paths to complete different tasks clearly and smoothly. The main objective is to ensure that the information is easy to find and the navigation is readable. Front-end developers bring to life various interface elements and turn the website’s design into a working, interactive, user-friendly product, which means coding every button, animation, and piece of text you see on the desktop at the end.

They, therefore, have to be skilled in developing different features and functionalities (including the mobile features, if needed), creating reusable code and implementing responsive cross-platform and cross-device design, not to mention the ability to work in a team and troubleshooting. Building the front-end is tough, and we’re lucky to have the best specialists in Develtio.

For you, the client, it’s essential to have the best possible front-end developed and implemented. Why? Because we all know how crucial first impressions are to users. And how quickly they get tired of an unattractive, difficult-to-navigate website that doesn’t provide answers to their problems. A suitable front-end is beneficial to user retention and product performance and, in the long run, saves you money on possible future website or app re-development.

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Front-end technologies

Previously, “slicing” was used as the website building method. It meant that specific tools were used to chop up elements of the page designed in Photoshop and then reassemble them using HTML or CSS. While we no longer use this practice, the term is still used to describe the work of a front-end developer. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the leading technologies utilized for interface creation. Depending on the project purpose and complexity, we also take advantage of more complex third-party frameworks, such as Angular or React.

Where design and technology meet

In Develtio, we worked out effective ways to communicate internally and externally. Internal communication between different teams, experts, and project managers ensures a smooth development process and timely product delivery.

Let’s look at the example: Front-end specialists must continuously cooperate with the designers. Different teams jointly discuss the product’s scheme, structure, and coding language. Designers deliver a website layout to be coded, with precise specifications regarding different elements’ functionalities, look, and purpose. While the developers responsible for the front-end implement the visuals, they can always use their technical knowledge to suggest some adaptations or changes to the initial design, if needed. The creative team needs to check in the end whether the coded product corresponds with their ideas. If it’s validated, only then can it be sent for functionality tests.

Similarly, back and front-end experts need to continuously communicate to ensure that the website or app is scalable and supports the interface performance.


As you can see, it’s important to us to employ people who possess both the technical and soft skills needed for efficient communication and collaboration within the company and with the client. Our experts don’t work in silos; they instead share ideas and tackle any emerging challenges as they appear. As a result, you receive a well-performing product with a readable and visually pleasing interface that will undoubtedly attract many potential leads and, ultimately, boost your business.

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    Arkadiusz Zdziebko
    Head of Sales, Develtio