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Benefits of working with code repositories

Benefits of working with code repositories - Develtio

Have you already researched potential companies to commission a project to? If yes, then you probably heard them talk about the “repository” (or “repo”). Indeed, if you start a conversation with Develtio or become our client, you will frequently hear this term mentioned. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the meaning of “repositories,” don’t fret. We’ll explain what they are and why it’s crucial that the company you contract uses them.

What is a code repository?

To better grasp the idea behind a repository, it’s helpful to understand some related terminology:

  • Version control. It’s the practice of tracking and managing the project’s code. Developers work in teams, continually writing new code and making changes to the existing source code. To avoid problems caused by the simultaneous work, a system that allows developers to make changes in their part of the code without blocking the work of the entire team must be introduced. Version control systems (VCS) enable that kind of cooperation.
  • Git. Git is an open-source version control system. Specifically – a distributed VCS, which means that the whole codebase and its history are available on every developer’s computer.
  • Branching and merging. When you create a “branch” in the VCS, you, in fact, build independent streams of work. There is a main line of code development (sort of like a principal, official version of your project). Git branch is used to diverge from this main line without messing it up. Developers use branches to work on a copy of the code, for example, if they develop a new feature or fix bugs. Merging means the developer’s changes are saved and implemented into the main code line.

Then what is a repository?

A repository is a kind of storage space or an archive where Git saves all the versions of the project with every introduced change recorded. A company can use it to keep code files but also images, documentation, or web pages there.

Why is a code repository important to developers?

For the Develtio team, the client’s interest comes first. To ensure delivery of the best product efficiently and on time, we needed to set up processes that allow for smooth collaboration. With every change to the code recorded, we can monitor different levels of developers’ cooperation and fix errors as they occur. We can even retrieve older versions of the code or revive its previously removed parts if needed. In short – code management and review become much easier when we use a repository.

That’s why it’s important to us that our employees understand VCS. Using Git and repositories requires advanced coding knowledge, so we check its level during the recruitment process. Of course, not every company requires such skills from their developers, but we’ve worked with repositories since the very beginning. We simply believe there isn’t a more effective way to coordinate work. If we want to deliver the best products, there really is no excuse for us to ignore this solution.

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Why is the code repository vital to You?

Better project quality. The code we build is regularly reviewed before it reaches the production stage. Working with repositories helps our developers fix bugs and make suggestions for improving colleagues’ work. In addition, ongoing collaboration stimulates innovation. All that results in delivering a high-quality, thoroughly tested code.

Access to the code. You gain access to your project’s repository when you become our client. We base our work on the principle of transparency, so we’re happy to show you what we built. With support of GitHub (the platform that we use for project storing) we are able to deploy the repository code in the staging environment – that means that you can test different functionalities and monitor progress of work.

Technical history traceability. With this solution, every change and each client’s requirement and request are recorded. Having access to the repository and the project’s history means that if you have the skills, in the future, you can introduce changes to the code yourself.

And if you lack technical abilities and decide to work with a contractor, they will see every stage in the project’s development. We understand that things happen, and maybe at some point, you will decide to sell your project or turn to a different company for support. Thanks to the repository, both you and the contractor you choose will save time and money that would otherwise have to be spent on building the code from scratch or trying to figure out how different elements were created. We provide self-explanatory codes with semantic descriptions of their functionalities, accompanied by necessary comments or documentation where necessary.

We do it for you

The bottom line is that we do everything to ensure that our clients never feel like they’re left alone or kept in the dark. We involve you in the project and give you insight into our work. So you never have to worry that one day your website or application stops working, and you have no way of figuring out how to fix it because you don’t have access to the code. For us, working with repositories is a crucial part of development work. For you – it’s an insurance policy for the future.

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    Arkadiusz Zdziebko
    Head of Sales, Develtio