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WordPress configurators: here is what you need to know about them

WordPress configurators - Develtio

How to make it easier for users to buy products and choose services online? Simplifying the purchasing process is a must now for any business that wants to succeed online. In some industries, product personalisation is essential, thus, the customer needs to be guided through the process so that they can quickly select the best option for themselves. A solution that will work well in this situation is the WordPress configurator.

What is WordPress configurator?

The configurator is a programmed functionality implemented on a website that is tailored to the specific needs of the business and potential customer requirements. On the user’s side it consists of consecutive options to choose from or questions and answers. Depending on further decisions made by the user, the configurator selects the product and optional additional services or accessories that may be relevant (e.g. installation at the customer’s home). The configurator is obviously based on WordPress, which is currently the most popular CMS in the world.


Configuring a complex product or service is a process that needs to be clear and intuitive for the website user. It must also take into account that the potential customer is not someone who understands the technical intricacies and limitations of your industry. In other words, one of the configurator’s tasks is to select a product from the company’s range based on user preferences. This means that a given product is described with features that a potential customer can relate to. Thus, they can purchase goods or services without detailed knowledge of materials, components, their characteristics, installation rules, territorial coverage of the service, etc.

Configurator vs product card

To better understand the essence of the configurator, you need to understand the difference between it and a typical product card in an online store. For example, when deciding to buy a shirt, we can choose its size and colour, then add the product to the shopping cart and complete the transaction. On the website side, this requires implementing an e-commerce module, which can be a WooCommere plugin for WordPress. However, it will not be the configurator that we develop from scratch at Develtio, as it is based on the simple physical features of the product rather than the user’s needs. Product cards lack broader context – the colour of a shirt means nothing, nor does its cut, if you don’t ask the consumer what occasion they are looking for the shirt for, whether they need it for a suit etc. See below for examples of our solutions of this type:

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The characteristics of a good WordPress configurator

A correctly programmed configurator meets the expectations of all interested parties, i.e.:

  • is easy to use,
  • selects product properly based on customer expectations,
  • is not overloaded with information, but provides additional assistance when necessary,
  • focuses on user needs and less on technical details,
  • is readable on both desktops and mobile devices,
  • is easy to configure on the site owner’s side,
  • does not disturb the completion of the transaction,
  • supports up selling, that is, depending on the customer’s decision, it can suggest optional services and accessories.

Why to use the configurator on your website?

In a sense, the configurator can be called an online advisor or customer service department. In the case of more complex goods and services, a salesperson in a traditional store must ask what the customer is looking for in order to provide the best advice. This is the function of the configurator on the website. It will make the user spend more time on the website and make a purchase decision faster as they will receive an offer after several clicks. At the same time, it saves a lot of time as the consumer does not have to visit a physical store.


The configurators also prevent the negative impact of the curse of knowledge, i.e. a situation in which the communication on the website is mismatched with the user’s knowledge of the industry. Also, based on your customers’ choices, you can better understand their needs. Knowledge of the user is essential data for marketing and operational planning.


What industries do WordPress configurators work best for? Everywhere where products can be personalised, that’s why configurators can already be found on websites of companies from the clothing, construction, computer, travel or automotive industry. In the era of growing share of online shopping (77% of Poles make online purchases according to the “E-commerce in Poland” report by Gemius) and competitiveness, it is worth investing in a solution that will allow users to effectively shop online without the need to visit competitors’ websites.

Dedicated WordPress plugins and configurators

If you want to create your own dedicated WordPress configurator to personalise products in your online store, contact us. As Develtio, we create custom e-commerce designs and solutions from scratch.


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