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Kick-off meeting with the client – How we do it

Kick-off meeting with the client – How we do it - Develtio

If you dive into the project head-first without understanding what needs to be done, it’s a sure recipe for disaster. So we don’t do it. Instead, we begin with establishing what it is that we’re working towards. We can decide which steps to take to deliver the project only if we understand the end goal.

If we see each other at the kick-off meeting, it means that you have decided to work with our company and that you have already discussed issues such as timeframe, budget, and expectations with our sales team. Then, the dedicated project team takes over; they enter kick-off equipped with relevant background information and prepared to talk about the next stages. At this point, we aim to set the course of action.

Why we do the kick-off meeting

The purpose of the kick-off meeting is multifold. Generally speaking, it’s about ensuring that the company and the client are on the same page; that everyone understands what needs to be done. Only then can we move forward and deliver a successful product that will meet the client’s needs. The kick-off meeting is a vital element of the project cycle bringing undeniable benefits for both sides:


This is the first meeting between the people responsible for the project delivery and the client. We invite the whole project team – it’s important to us to involve key stakeholders from the start. Mutual chemistry is, of course, essential – after all, we’ll spend days, weeks, or months working together. It’s great to get to know each other early on and set the tone for future cooperation, but the kick-off is so much more than simply a familiarization session.

Why we do it

The bottom line is that your success is our mission. We’re here to listen because we want to know precisely what this project means to you and how you envisage the end goal. So first, we need to understand the background – what drove you to initiate the project in the first place? Maybe the aim was to introduce a new product or service, adapt an existing one to attract more clients, or perhaps you plan to show off some new solutions at incoming industry events. Whatever the motivation, let’s define what the project’s success and possible failure mean.

You know
that you can change
your business.

For us, the most important thing is to understand the product. In Develtio, we go beyond discussing the time and money; we look at the big picture to ensure the delivery of the perfect solution for you.

What needs to be done

We know a lot, but we don’t know everything. It’s important to understand that this is the meeting of two specialized teams. You are the expert in your field, and you know best what your business needs are – we won’t argue with that. On the other hand, we know all about digital and are ready to match your goals with our knowledge and skills. We have lots of ideas on how to address the pain points and are prepared to share them with you. We will propose actions to take and discuss possible options to deliver solutions that meet your needs.

This is, however, also a good moment for questions from our side. We need to agree on activities required to deliver a project. If needed, we will ask you to clarify the scope of the website or the application, its functionalities, desired user experience, and envisaged user scenarios in order to proceed to the next stages of the project.

How we work

No two projects are exactly the same, and neither are the timelines, stages, and deliverables. At the kick-off, we will present the proposed communication and reporting guidelines. Usually, we work in two-week sprints and deliver demos to the client bi-weekly. Depending on the project, we can communicate more frequently at different stages. Importantly, we build the product together, which means we rely on your feedback after each sprint, when we introduce a new element or functionality, or if we need to clarify outstanding issues. We will give you a better picture of how we work – how we plan activities, which environments we use, and how you could track work progress with relevant tools.

Questions, doubts?

The project and this meeting are a marathon rather than a sprint. This is not the time to discuss every design detail, but It’s a chance for you (and us) to ask questions and clarify any doubts. This is not to say that we won’t be available at later stages, but you can use this opportunity to the max and fire away.

What can we do for you?

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    Arkadiusz Zdziebko
    Head of Sales, Develtio